Monday, August 19, 2013

Sentimental Days

Sentimental days. We all have them. But as a parent there is just something about the first day of school that really brings it out of me. Why? What is it about this time of year? Well it’s an overwhelming amount of everything. There isn’t just one thing – it’s a whole bunch of stuff. Multiple dynamics going on here. And of course it’s change in general. The smell of a new school year is in the air and for me it is bittersweet. My oldest will be a junior in college this year. He’s doing great and I am so excited to watch him move forward, excel, and achieve all of his dreams. One thing is for sure, he is going to go very far in life. Twenty years ago when he was born, someone told me not to blink my eyes because they grow up so fast. I blinked and he started kindergarten, and then I blinked again and he was going off to high school, and I must have blinked again because the next thing I knew I was moving him into the dorms at the University. You get the picture. Sigh… These milestones are so awesome to stand back and watch as a parent but don’t they just rip your heart out too? My oldest son is the love of my life, always has been. Never in the history of the world has one child made a parent so incredibly proud. God bless that young man, may he have an awesome semester of college filled will new learning, success, and fun. My youngest (who is the apple of my eye) will head to preK-4 this year. He is so excited it is beyond description. From picking out his new backpack and lunchbox to meeting his teacher at orientation last week, he is energized and thrilled to the point of animation. I remember always being really excited for school too when I was little. Getting to see all my friends, the anticipation of a new year, new teacher, new books, new clothes, new everything. I remember it like it was yesterday. But alas it wasn’t yesterday, because it was yesterday that I was bringing my little one home from the hospital, wasn’t it? Fast forward four years and here I am today at this present moment. The train of time is moving at the speed of light these days it seems. In a couple of hours my husband and I are going to put our four year old on the school bus and wave at him and blow kisses until we can’t see him anymore. We’ll walk back home, do a few things around the house, and wait for the bus to return. I will be looking forward to it all day. I can’t wait to hear all about his first day of school. It’s going to be magical. I may have tears in my eyes at different times throughout this day but they’re deeply routed in love. Nothing compares to the love I have in my heart for my kids. They are both incredibly amazing and I would not trade my life or these days for anything in the world. I have everything I ever wanted ten-fold and I intend to enjoy every last second of it all (without blinking of course). Prayers, hugs, and best wishes for a safe and extraordinary school year, M.J. Butler